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Text Messaging and HIPAA Privacy: 

Text Messaging and HIPAA Privacy: Before you send that text, stop and think.  Using smartphones to manage your patient care can result in hefty HIPAA Privacy violations. Before sending out a text with sensitive information that is considered protected health information (PHI), there are steps to consider first. Text messaging is not always safe and […]

Your career on your time

Break into per diem jobs with the help of a staffing agency. Travel nursing jobs and per diem physician jobs are an excellent way to see the world and advance your healthcare career. Let New Solutions Staffing tap into this growing area of opportunity, and get you set up for your next work adventure. Across […]

How technology can transform your relationships with patients

The future of patient care is here. Taking care of patients is the backbone of healthcare practices. When a patient has a positive experience, like with any business, they will feel welcome and want to return. They might even refer your healthcare facility and/or practice to their friends and family, which is a win-win. Now […]

Five Tips for Your Next Healthcare Job Interview

As healthcare professionals navigate their careers, it’s advisable to brush up on your interviewing skills every so often. That way when a new opportunity arises, healthcare job candidates can feel prepared and empowered. Follow these five tips and call New Solutions Staffing to find out which opportunities are available for you today. Tell me about […]

Medical Privacy – the reason why It Essential and are you ready for Features of It?

Medical Privacy – the reason why It Essential and are you ready for Features of It? Health-related experts enjoy a legal, honest, and specialist responsibility to honour their patient’s rights to personal privacy. One of many projects of medical service providers within the professional medical career is always manage sufferer advice in concealment until shared […]