Advantages of finding a new job and increasing salaries in healthcare

As the healthcare industry continues to expand, this gives new healthcare workers increased opportunities to find job positions and negotiate higher salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, which tracks data on job growth and salary, projects jobs in healthcare will grow at a rate of 16% from 2020 to 2030, with the average wage of […]

There is a new Urgent Call for Nurses Near Term and Long Term

Even before our pandemic, there was a shortage of nurses in the US. There is a national demand, arguably a crisis. for thousands of nursing jobs right now. Particularly intensive care and emergency room positions. This is even more prevalent in particularly in hard-hit areas suchas New York. On Top of it some Nurses are […]

Telemedicine: How to use Zoom for Nurses during COVID 19

Set up Zoom These days video chat and webinars are very popular and can be used to speak to patients who are sick and also coordinate with patients and doctors. Zoom is software capable of conducting meetings or webinars. There is a learning curve to this but with a few tips, you can conduct professional […]