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A brief look at Covid long-haul symptoms

Let’s take a look at long-haul symptoms for survivors of Covid-19. Even for those who have taken the vaccine, there may be side effects. Let’s study those after effects compared to side effects and increase our ability to help patients as nurses entering the workforce.   By now, as a nurse you have most likely heard […]

Five pathways to obtain a nursing education

The Herzing University website details the five pathways of nursing degrees. But the real story lies in the top 20 nursing specialties listed on Gwynedd Mercy University.  You could argue that nursing can be a stable career with over 71 nursing specialties and fewer barriers to entry than other occupations. For instance, online classes are […]

Covid-19: What Nurses Need to Know

As of Today, the World Health Organization has reported a total of 27,020,890 Covid-19 cases in the US. Which is 16,140,287 more than the second most affected country India. Total deaths are 468,051 with 3,639 deaths that happened in the last 24 hours nationwide. The CDC website reports that the pandemic peaked January 8,2021 with […]

Deep Into the Pandemic

The months December through February 2021 will most likely be the worst months for Covid-19 transmission. On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, we saw the worst day so far with 4,320 deaths in one day. The average for the week was a whopping 3,300 deaths per day. The national average for the number of cases in […]

Vaccines are here, get ready to learn what you need to know

Nursing in the coming months. Time to get educated on those vaccines. This month may be the peak of stress for our healthcare system and nurses are no exception. What we are experiencing is a simultaneous surge in hospital patients sick with the coronavirus, along with major hopes on a quickly distributed vaccine. Medical centers […]