About us

New Solutions Staffing is a nurse-operated and woman-owned business headquarters in the heart of Brooklyn New York.

Specializing in the healthcare industry they’re a national leader in healthcare professional staffing services with large to small clients across the United States. From small locally owned medical offices to Major medical health Care facilities, they help thousands of businesses just like yours to develop a strong, skilled, and professional team.

So how does it work? Easy…

Our expert team of talented career builders is constantly searching for highly trained healthcare professionals with a wide range of skill sets, they filter through thousands of candidates and piles of paperwork to find the most valuable teammates who are serious about their careers. Then we simply match the right candidate with the right clients for the right positions.

Want to get involved?

If you’re a hiring professional looking to build your team or are a trained and qualified candidate wanting to meet your perfect match then reach out to one of our placement specialists for a free no-obligation consultation. Call us at 7189752860 to get started now.