Four low stress nursing jobs to consider

Long hours on your feet. Patient demands. Angry family members. It’s all in the day’s work for a nurse.

Have you ever thought about working in the healthcare industry as a nurse, but you didn’t want to endure enormous amounts of stress? Look no further, we have four ideas for you to consider so you can follow your calling for taking care of others.

Go into research, help advance medicine

High education and research facilities need nurse researchers for a variety of opportunities. For those who pursue this path can expect to help improve the healthcare system overall, which is an excellent and rewarding way to dedicate your passion of nursing without a load of stress. You’ll study diseases and treatments in this role. What your research will do is help advance patient care.

Home health nurse

For some, the pace and smell of hospital settings are too much to bear. That’s why going to patient’s homes to deliver care is a solid option, and rewarding, way to stay in the confines of a nursing career. In this role, you’ll have one patient at a time to take care of so you won’t feel as stretched thin as you would in a hospital environment.

School nurse

The hours of a school nurse do not require you to work over night as a hospital job might require. The hours are better at schools and for those who like working with kids and students, this route is a decent option to consider in the nursing field.

Nurse administrator

For those who do not want to do patient care but love to keep things organized may find a career in medical administration to be a top choice. While no job in the nursing field is without stress, this path can be less stressful. It’s also an excellent option to get into after working as an RN at a hospital. Consider administration is you’re excellent at managing tons of details and keeping a department organized.

When in doubt, try to connect with a healthcare recruiter to figure out which path is best for you to pursue. While no job is perfect, some jobs are more aligned with our personalities, skillset and experience and these will change over time, and so will your needs as a healthcare profession.